Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sick of promise...EMPTY promise !

Tired of being ................ !!!!

Sick of empty promises !

** STOP making promises you can't keep. Don't over-promise & over-deliver on everything you do...... **

** Disgruntled staff can seriously damage your business. TREAT all staff fairly and with respect..... **

 ~ People without money want it to gain respect. Those with money then learn & know that money doesn't buy real respect at all. Cosmetic !!! ~

^ To receive respect is reward of giving the respect deserved to a person. Many people should learn this... ^

** There are no reason to be hopeless. None ! Thinking the best time to leave .... **

I DO NOT LIKE working with unprofessional people !! Not just me, but US !!!!  

family ;)

Team ;)