Thursday, December 22, 2011

welcome To 'Mummy To Be Club' ;)

Double Line So So Clear !!! Omaigod !! Syukran !! ;)

Yes, I am pregnant! This time it is NOT a food baby. We are beyond happy!


OMG I'm so happy. Wow I can't actually describe how happy I am. This is amazing...;)

Thanks God ;) ...

Thursday, December 15, 2011

:: My DaY !! :: ;)

  * Busy busy busy! So much to do in preparation for my big day;) ~ 11 Disember 2011 *

You never tell anyone that everything's going to be okay, or they'll be fine. You're not a psychic, you don't know what could happen...But ALHAMDULILLAH, semuanya berjalan dengan lancar & begitu baik sekali...;)

:: Thanks to all of you who are going to MY event! ::

antara my BEST FREN yang dah lame giler tak jumpe !!! hepi sia woooo...

** Sekian :: Terlalu bz for my 2nd recep @ Sabah .... ** wink wink