Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day Spa & Wellness Journey ;)

 Rafflesia Spa Sdn Bhd

Here is the first thing going on my list today.. Will spend my time for myself today... manicure, pedicure... masks... scrubs... SPA day :). Dalam banyak2 Spa kat KK, I choose this one ;) & my friend Kiki siap try Body Wrap lagik...hua hua hua

Sedikit sebanyak pasal tempat best nih.....

  • This Balinese-inspired sanctuary transports patrons to the enchanting land with traditional gamelan music that complements the warmly accented interior deck with teak furniture. Guests are welcomed at the reception with bedroom slippers and an invitation to the waiting room where a scented cold towel and a glass of refreshing jasmine tea is served.
  • Out of the 15 types of available body polish (that are rotated on a monthly basis), the most well-liked is the coffee scrub, a fine blend of grounded coffee and rice powder.
  • More traditional ingredients can be found in the Royal Javanese Lulur made of rice powder, turmeric and cinnamon.
  • During the 50-minute session, the therapist will use small circular strokes to remove dead skin cells and improve blood circulation. All treatments are concluded with a nourishing conditioner and moisturizer.
  • Wanting an alternative healing method to nurse a headache, cold or muscle ache? Customers can opt to be cocooned in an electric-heated blanket during the 50-minute Seven Herbal Wrap. For more extensive bodywork, indulge in the Rafflesia Therapy which consists of a deep cleansing body scrub, aromatherapy floral or herbal bath, Balinese massage and facial.
  • Lovebirds wanting to celebrate a special occasion can also purchase the two-hour Couple Retreat package that includes a foot and flower bath, body scrub and relaxing massage....
** Honestly, 4/5 from 5.0 ;)) wink wink ** 
Aku kalo pegi mane2 pon my things  tetap "bersepah" yer

Facial pon tetap nak amek hokeyy !! muahahaha

** Dari segi layanan kakak yang baik hati itu, kami sangat berpuas hati la sesangat sebab kami terlalu bising bergelak ketawa lagik dalam bilik masing2 !! & all the staff there are really2 sporting tahap gaban ;) **

 ** Today is such a MARVELOUS day! :) Nothing but a smile on my face! **

** Just give a TRY ;) No regret ....huhuhuhuhuhu **

Mieko ...
** Garfield & Mieko Time ;) - play with my cat...... **